Pulp and paper

Efficient processes to handle fibrous media

Suitable products for pulp and paper applications:

Paper remains indispensable, even in the electronic age. When making pulp and processing it further to get paper, large flows of media must be routed through the individual production steps in a defined time sequence. SAMSON has the right control technology to do so.

We supply control valves to regulate the fibrous flow of raw materials as well as the flow of steam, which is used as the energy transfer medium. Our products ensure efficient processes during the mechanical and chemical treatment of the pulp. Thanks to their high control accuracy, the fresh water required for the processes is used economically and wastewater treatment does not burden the environment or resources.

In the paper machines, our products are involved in the entire steam and condensate system, the exact control of the basis weight and humidity profile as well as the optimal drying of the paper webs. Innovative valve accessories, such as our smart SAMSON positioners, ensure the safe exchange of data in the process, implement precise alarm management, and allow for predictive maintenance.

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