Water and wastewater

Sustainable use of resources

Suitable products for water and wastewater applications:

There is no life without water. Having sufficient amounts of clean drinking water available is a human right. In many parts of the world, companies handling the supply and disposal of water ensure that the valuable resource is conserved and handled responsibly.

SAMSON provides the control equipment and solutions required when extracting and treating water. Drinking water is water that has a high level or purity. As a result, components coming into contact with the drinking water must not contaminate the water in any way. They need to be resistant to corrosion and erosion, yet be capable of withstanding high temperatures and flow velocities. Suitable SAMSON products, such as control valves and self-operated regulators, comply with these requirements. Additionally, SAMSON provides controllers and sensors for use in water and wastewater applications.

In many regions of the earth where natural water resources are scarce, drinking water is extracted from the sea. SAMSON also has the right high-quality products and solutions for these fields of application. And thanks to our experience in the power and energy market, this is also true for systems that combine solar power plants and seawater desalination.

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